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heritage hunt 2015



SEATTLE, Wash.—Three lucky Hunter Education students and two instructors have been awarded an all-expense paid “Hunt of a Lifetime” from their entries into the IHEA Heritage Hunt contest in Hunter’s Handbook, the official student publication of the IHEA-USA.

The hunt itself, which can be entered by any student taking (or any instructor teaching) a sanctioned International Hunter Education course in the United States, is paid for and put on by Focus Group and the SCI Sables. In addition, Focus Group partners like Cabela’s, Federal Ammunition, Under Armour, HiViz Sights, Wiley-X, Pro Ears, GrovTec, and others contribute prizes to this amazing hunt that will also be filmed by CarecoTV in San Antonio as a segment within their long-standing show Americana Outdoors airing next fall on NBC Sports Network and Pursuit.

“This hunt allows Hunter’s Handbook and its partners to not only award instructors for their hard work and dedication in the field, but also offers young hunters a unique experience that will keep them engaged in hunting while learning hands-on field safety and hunting success,” states Brian Thurston, President of Focus Group.

This year’s hunt will be held November 6-9 at Hixon Land and Cattle Ranch in Cotulla, TX in mid-November. Student winners are Bailey Maier, Madi DeGarmo and Tim Coe.



Hunter’s Handbook is the informational tool that all Hunter Education students receive upon completion of their Hunter Education course. It provides students with a “how-to” guide that takes all Hunter Education students beyond mandatory general safety guidelines and offers them additional information on everything from firearms to targets and gear as well as an added emphasis on safety in the field.

2015 IHEA Hunt of a Lifetime Heritage hunt

COTULLA, Texas— “I’ve been down for three years,” said Tim Coe. “Things are finally starting to get better.” Things are getting better, Coe says, because he’s finally starting to recover from West Nile Virus, a sickness that has let go after a years-long battle. Here, in Cotulla Texas, Tim and his father Kem have joined up with two other hunting families for the 2015 IHEA Hunt of a Lifetime.

“I’m proud of him,” nods his father Kem. “He’s having fun at the trip of a lifetime…really enjoying himself.”

Texts and photos fly from the blind as the Coe’s size up a buck they’ve tracked across the ranch. In a few moments, Tim’s skill will be put to the test. Will he be able to take the buck? Or will Mother Nature keep her prize?

You can find out by watching the hunt yourself, courtesy of CarecoTV, below. Join the Coe’s, along with fellow winners Jerry and Madi DeGarmo, and Jim and Bailey Maier as they experience the 2015 IHEA Hunt of a Lifetime:

The IHEA Hunt of a Lifetime gives three students and two instructors the opportunity to visit one of the nation’s finest wildlife management areas with some of the finest equipment and guides in the country each year.

“It’s an experience in the field that ties their heart to it,” says Focus Group, Inc. V.P. of Sales Leaha Wirth, who oversees publishing of Hunter’s Handbook, a presenting sponsor of the hunt.

“We bring three students and two instructors on the hunt of a lifetime. Students enter either online or there’s a card in the magazine they can use to send in and enter.”

“I honestly thought it was a joke,” said Bailey Maier.

“My dad answered the phone call the first time and he thought it was fake…I started crying, I was really excited,” said Madi DeGarmo.

“When we all come together to hunt, we realize we just have this common bond,” Wirth adds. Like the sport itself, it’s a bond that goes beyond a single day in the field. It’s a bond that families carry for a lifetime.

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