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Coyote hunting tips

the importance of coyote hunting

Coyote are a predator species that hunt mainly livestock but will also feed on small animals like fawns and turkey. They are known as a nuisance, causing farmers to lose livestock and regional habitats to dwindle. Coyote have precise noses and experts at adapting to any place they live; therefore they can live just about anywhere. Because of their adaptivity, they can be hunted year-round with no limits in many states. But always be sure to check your states hunting laws ahead of time.

Coyote can be vicious, however are not known to attack humans. It's still important to know the proper calls to use and how to know if you have coyote on your property. Some say one coyote is too many. Depending on your location, January through march and late spring tend to have the most abundance of coyote lurking. Watch as Haley Heath, her son Gunner, daughter Dakota and good friend Mark Wolley talk specifics on the best tactics on coyote hunting and why it is crucial for conservation.