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Prep - hunting season is here

Hunting Season is Here!

by Don Fenton

It’s that time of the year when hunters are hitting the fields. It’s a magical time, crisp mornings with so many wonderful memories of hunts with family, friends, and dogs flood my mind, and for me that’s just very special.

If you are like me, the off-season has been utilized to check your old gear and gather what new gear you need for the season. I like to sporting clay shoot when I can, or practice shooting bows and other firearms as well to stay sharp. Since I am primarily an upland/waterfowl bird hunter, I am also checking my dog gear (electronic collars, etc.) to make sure they are functioning properly. Decoy weights and strings are another key item for me to check on. Boots, shotguns, binos, calls, clothing, and ammo are other things I make sure are all in good working order.

One of the most important things I do in preparing for my hunting season is the reconfiguring and loading of my TruckVault. Theft is always a concern of mine when I am traveling to a remote hunting location, and smash-and-grab thieves have become increasingly brazen in their approach of vehicles, regardless if you are in the city or in the field.

TruckVault products have been in the business of securing firearms and other valuables in your vehicle for over 20 years. Initially designed for sportsmen and women alone, our products are now paramount and featured heavily at all levels of government from Federal and State on down to local departments. TruckVault products are designed to keep your valuable gear secure while traveling from your home to any destination and they are made for virtually every make and model of vehicle on the road today to include pickups, SUVs, sedans or vans alike. My All-Weather TruckVault handles all of my secure storage needs and then some, giving me the peace of mind knowledge that my hunting gear, firearms and other valuables I am transporting are locked away securely at all times.

As you embark upon this hunting season, be sure to pre-check your gear, be aware in the field, and most of all, be mindful of your surroundings. Practice responsible hunting ethics and the safe handling of a firearm or bow. Before taking a shot, use good judgement and common sense in considering where your projectile, arrow or shot is going before squeezing the trigger. Lastly, consider a TruckVault to help secure your guns, ammo, and other valuable gear before you head into the field.