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2201 SW 152nd Street, Suite #3
Burien, WA 98166

Prod - Grovtec sling systems

Grovtec sling systems


The best performing, American-made, sling systems


GrovTec has made the best tools for the job when it comes to firearm accessories. Watch Joe from Hunter’s Handbook show you a few of his favorite slings for hunting and competitive shooting. Offering comfort and quick target acquisition, it’s no wonder why GrovTec is our go-to brand.

Featured Products: 

Backpack Sling with Swivels, Padded: 50/50 weight distribution, muzzle up or down configuration, optimal comfort

Quick Adjust Tactile Sling: Great for three gun and quick target acquisition, cross-body, spring-loaded cam buckle

Cartridge Sling: Holds four shotgun shells to keep your pockets or range bag lighter, padded for comfort

GT Advanced Utility Sling: Quickest target acquisition on the market, stretch weave for cushion and thumb loop to reduce hand fatigue (two point sling)

GrovTec also offers swivels, ammo holders, holsters, cleaning products, tactical slings and hammer extensions in addition to a plethora of firearm slings perfect for any challenge. Go to for more info.