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Product - CZ 612 Magnum Turkey Shotgun

CZ 612 Magnum Turkey Shotgun


CZ’s New 612 Magnum Turkey Shotgun is Built for the Turkey Woods

There’s something cool about a pump shotgun, and there’s something even cooler about a pump shotgun in the turkey woods.

Pump shotguns are known for their never-let-you-down reliability, despite wind, rain, sleet, dust, mud, snow, you name it, they have the reputation of not letting you down. Just aim, shoot, work the action, jack a new round in the chamber, and you’re ready for a follow-up shot. Just that simple, just that quick.

Don’t get me wrong. Semi-automatic shotguns are great, but at times they’ve been known to be temperamental and subject to mood swings depending on the conditions, but pump shotguns just seem to always work, sort of the ol’ reliable workhorses of the shotgun world.

That said, CZ USA’s new pump turkey shotgun, the CZ 612 Magnum Turkey Shotgun looks, feels, and handles like it was made for the turkey woods for one reason—it was made for the turkey woods.

This 12-gauge turkey-slayer comes with a strong, durable, weatherproof, and worry-free synthetic stock and a 26-inch barrel (overall shotgun length is 46¾ inches), and is hydro-dipped in Realtree Xtra Green camouflage so as not to give you away when that keen-eyed gobbler is approaching. Plus, the hydro-dipping protects the exterior from corrosion-causing moisture and other damaging elements. And, a nice recoil pad on the stock helps take the punch out of the shot, even powerful turkey loads.

Speaking of powerful turkey loads, this shotgun will handle 2¾-inch, 3-inch, and, if you want to feed it the big ones, 3½-inch shotshells, holding four in the magazine and one in the chamber for a total of five shots you can put on-target just as fast as you work the smooth action. Of course, you (hopefully) won’t need that many follow-up shots on your turkey, but it’s nice to have them just in case.

Surprisingly, for a gun that feels so solid in-hand, it weighs just under seven pounds, so it doesn’t wear you down, even toting it during a long day’s trek in the woods.

The 612 Magnum Turkey comes with two chokes, an extra-full to deliver the maximum payload of pellets into the kill zone and a modified choke so you can use it with steel shot and other hunting applications. No reason this smooth-handling shotgun can’t pull double- or triple-duty as an upland and waterfowl shotgun. Speaking of which, the vent rib on the barrel helps direct your aim and keep your eyes on the target, whether that target is walking into your turkey decoy, flushing as a bevy of pheasants from thick cover, or buzzing your waterfowl decoy set.

The crossbolt safety is located just behind the trigger so it’s easy to instinctively find it when the moment of truth comes.

2018 is the 20th anniversary of CZ-USA, a Kansas City, Kan., company that brings CZ’s legendary Czech craftsmanship and design, combined with American firearms culture, to the hands of American hunters and shooters.

All told, the CZ Magnum Turkey is a lot of quality and smooth, reliable performance at a suggested retail price of $429, which makes you walk away thinking you just got a heck of a shotgun at a heck of a price.

Joe Arterburn